Stella is famous for her silverware such as chalices, cups and bowls formed by hand. She frequently uses the technique of chasing, using hammer and punches to create designs on precious metalware. Gilding and precious stones are also used, especially in ecclesiastical and presentation pieces. Stella will produce sketches and designs on paper so the client can visualise the finished piece.

Hallmarks and Signatures

Hallmarks are marks stamped on gold,silver and platinum articles. It guarantees that the article has been independently tested and that it conforms to all legal standards of purity. They are compulsory on precious metals. Testing is carried out at one of the four Assay Offices in the UK- London, Birmingham, Sheffield or Edinburgh
Here are the current London Hallmarks as they appear on a piece of Stella Campion’s silverware.

– Stella Campion’s makers mark
The Lion – Denotes the purity of the silver
925 – Common Control Mark as a signatory of the International Convention on Hallmarking
Leopards Head – The mark of the London Assay Office
r– Date Mark for 2016
A laser image of Stella’s signature appears above the Hallmarks

Care of Gold and Silverware

bridal-tiaraGold and silver respond to use, developing a lovely patina over time. Should they require cleaning they can be washed in warm soapy water, dried with a soft cloth, then polished with a silver polishing cloth. Wash stone set pieces with a small brush over a sieve. Heavier tarnish can be removed with a proprietary polish following the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use polish on opals or Turquoise Never use an abrasive on gilded areas or stones – a wash should be sufficient.

Industrial and Scientific Products

We have extensive experience of producing applications for industry and science, for example;

  • Platinum microscope slide weights
  • Gold components for shop checkout system laser readers
  • Gold sputtering electrodes


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